Tuesday, December 29, 2009

His name is Louis

Or Lewis, maybe.

We passed this dog on the Semiahmoo side of the White Rock beach, obviously enjoying himself.

I thought he might have been injured, so I asked his companion about him. No, she said; the condition is genetic. He is 11 years old, and has been in the rig for most of that time. His hindquarters are completely paralyzed. He has had surgery, but it was ineffective.

He comes to the beach several times a week, and loves it.

Laurie said he is fortunate to be so loved. I think ...

... the affection is mutual. They're both fortunate. So are we for having made their acquaintance.


  1. I have to show this to Dick! He had a dog who looked very similar and I know it will make him smile.

  2. What a wonderful story from your wanderin'!
    We had a dog that looked like that, too! My dad walked her around the block and the cat followed.

    It's amazing how people can care for such animals. We have been caring for a dog whose daddy is in the hospital. Doggie is so grateful! I'm just not sure daddy will be released, though.

  3. I loved seeing and learning about Lewis or Louis. Thank you. I am so grateful for people like Laurie!


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