Thursday, December 31, 2009

Convalescence. Flatworms have it down pat.

Thanks to everyone who sent me "Get better" thoughts or comments; it worked. I'm feeling much better, and so is Laurie. We're hoping it was just a three-day bug.

I slept all morning, and worked on a video all afternoon and evening. Kept me too interested to feel sorry for myself. (Lemon juice, chicken soup, and camomile tea helped, too.)

I found a flatworm on the White Rock beach last week, and brought it home, damaged. What happened next is in the video:

And now I'm going to bed. Can't risk getting worse again.


  1. Amazing! What a person can learn on a Thursday night! How do you know that stuff?

  2. Same as you know about cooking and silver. By spending time looking at things, and reading about them.

    The flatworm lives on my desk until he is recovered enough to face the predators in the aquarium, so I get to watch him off and on every day.


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