Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A shameful failure at hospitality

Often I go looking for critters; sometimes they come to me. This week, I've had a half-dozen visitors show up at my door or on my wall. Helpful! Saved me grubbing around in the cold and damp.

An Indian Meal moth, Plodia interpunctella. Fed to the Venus fly-trap.

I've had a bit of an infestation of these. I didn't know how they got here until this next one showed up:

Larva of the Indian Meal moth. Found near the bag of Black Oil sunflower seeds I keep for the chickadees. Now in bug jail.

Then there was this fat little carpet beetle larva:

Upside-down and struggling to roll over. The pink is shreds of a wool blanket that provides warmth and food.

Flipped! Now trying for an escape. Didn't make it; he's back keeping an older one company in my carpet beetle house.

This pretty moth was outside the door, slowly freezing to death. I put him in the fridge.

Unidentified moth, possibly a litter moth.

It has a long "snout", up-turned, and ending in two "teeth". It flew away before I could get a better photo. Maybe later.

At least it's warm, finally. It's resting on my ceiling, above the computer.

And the last; just another weevil.

Upside-down, playing dead. Weevils do this; it's very handy for taking photos.

Right-side up, still playing dead.

Poor old weevil is now sharing a bottle with my Venus fly-trap. I feel vaguely guilty.

The sixth, to make up the half-dozen, didn't get photographed. It's a nice little spider, now living under the stove. I'm hoping she will keep her eyes out for more of those tasty meal moths.

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