Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Back to my responsibilities

Sometimes three days is more than enough time for a break. Vancouver is interesting, and Strathcona is beautiful, but I'd missed my companions at home. These guys welcomed me back today;

A tiny spider, waiting on the plate under my Christmas cactus. One of Brownie's relatives.

Chickadee, checking to see if I'd refilled the bird bath yet.

House finch, spinning around the feeder.

And the first junco of the season, back from her wanderings.

Young squirrel, trying to find the Zick dough I'd put in a hanging planter for the juncos.

"Ok, where'd you hide it? I can smell it, but I don't see it."

And Spot, in the aquarium. He likes the lights and camera; the other two crabs hide.

Beautiful pattern on his back.

And one of the hermits, very tiny, blue polka-dotted.

I've fed some, watered others, found a safer spot for Baby Brownie. The squirrel (one of Scruffy's brood, I think) found the Zick dough and stuffed himself. No matter, I've got more in the fridge.

It's good to be home!


  1. The black squirrels are great. We've had one make guest appearances at our feeder for the past couple years. We had one who was quite tame and would take nuts right from our hand. Plus they seem quite intelligent about how to annoy our cats from the kitchen window, which makes everyone happy (with the possible exception of the cats, of course).

  2. I am always amazed at your photographic captures, especially your closeups. We usually get our Juncos in the spring right about planting time. They sure can dug up seeds faster than I can plant. - Margy

  3. I am sure all your critters are glad to have you home as well!


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