Friday, August 14, 2009

Oasis in Chinatown

A summer afternoon in Strathcona, with rain threatening. What to do? Shopping in Chinatown, of course. Laurie visited his favourite bakery, then we went antiquing and spent more money than planned. As usual.

Next: across the street to the Dr. Sun Yat Sen park, a walled hideaway, like the adjacent SYS Garden,
"... almost monochromatic after the dazzle of Chinatown: all contemplative muted greens and stony grays ..."

Stone lion guarding the entrance.

A constant stream of visitors, tourists and locals alike.

Bust of Dr. Sun Yat Sen in front of the circular door.

Detail of the wall.

Stone finial.

View of the main pond from the entrance.

Rock border. Look at it for a while, and faces emerge, shift, blend, disappear.

Roof of the pavilion peeks over the treetops.

I thought this was mist in the distance. It turned out to be a white wall.

Mossy rock and tree reflections.

Rainwater in one of the rock depressions.

A colour accent; Japanese carp swim lazily among reflectons of weeping trees.

And then we went back out into the rush and rattle of traffic, the reds and golds and noisy greens of merchandise. Tea and coffee in a four-table teashop, then home, well content.


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  1. It's been over 15 years, but I remember this park as an oasis as well.
    Thanks for the memories...


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