Sunday, August 09, 2009

Missed opportunity

I almost bought this dog in a garage sale in Campbell River. He was huge, floppy, soft and smiling, and fresh out of the washer and dryer. Three bucks, they wanted.

Take me with you! I don't bark!

I bought a red and blue throw to substitute for the one I forgot to pack. The happy doggy stayed where I found him.

I should have gone with my whim. Claimed I was buying him for the grandkids, or something.



  1. Funny what draws us to blogs, my grandmother's name was Oweta and so "Weeta" caught my attention. Once here I really enjoyed your lovely photos. I also noticed that we share a "favorite place" - Boundary Bay. My dad lives off the Semiahmoo peninsula in Blaine, WA. When I visit him I spend hours and hours soaking up views of the changing lightscapes over Boundary Bay.

  2. Hi, HOshi~sama!

    One Red Horse; "Weeta" is what my youngest granddaughter was calling me a few years back. Now she pronounces the whole word, "Abuelita", but "Weeta" has become my online name.

    I hope you become a regular here. I've been reading your Earth N'Hoof blog; wish it had been around years ago.

  3. Thanks - I've got to get back posting with Earth'N'Hoof. Been working my way through Ramey's "Under the Horse" and writing about it helps me to make sense of what I'm trying to learn.

    I'll definitely be back, included you in my favorites and want to passa long this "I Love Your Blog" award! To pick it up, stop by

  4. Yep, you shudda bought that puppy dog.

  5. How could you abandon the doggie!! Love your blog, by the way. Some of the photos are stunning.


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