Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dropping in, dropping out

A big brown moth dropped in to say hello:

Large yellow underwing, Noctua pronuba

Double reflection, on the two panes of the window.

For the next week or so, posting will be light and possibly irregular. We're busy packing this weekend, and are going on vacation up the Sunshine Coast and over to Vancouver Island next week. We have no fixed schedule or route, and will come back when we get tired of travelling or run out of money, whichever comes first. If we have an internet connection where we end up each day, I'll check in.

We're carrying four cameras, the new laptop, piles of batteries and battery chargers, tangles of wires, and my trusty mouse. It's the first time I've really travelled with so much machinery; my usual packing includes only clothes, a bit of food, and a sleeping bag. I guess I'm getting "civilized". Or something.


1 comment:

  1. Have a wonderful time..I have to catch on on reading your blog!
    Nice of that Brown moth to drop in1


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