Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Sometimes I think computers are conscious and malevolent. Like yesterday; I had to wrestle with one of the beasts all day and evening. Things that worked perfectly the day before were on strike, demanding all sorts of goodies I'd never heard of.

In the afternoon, I took a quick break to sit on a rug in my back yard and play with the new camera:

London Pride in bloom

Rhododendron buds

Dutchman's breeches.


And back to the battleground.



  1. I looked up your new camera on the web and it has some nice features. It has twice the zoom as mine, which would be nice and it does some nice closeups as well. That's what I have the most trouble with. I carry my camera with me most of the time so I like having a small model that fits in a pocket and it runs on regular AA batteries so I can carry two spares easily. It's hard to find a camera with the best of both worlds, good pics and easy to handle. - Margy

  2. I like the Nikon, also, because it is lighter than the Olympus. But the batteries are little boxes, not the regular AA.

    We usually use rechargeables for the other cameras. The Nikon comes with a battery charger for its battery, so we bought only one extra battery; that should be enough.

    I have a small Canon stashed in my purse for trips to the grocery store, etc, but on any outing farther afield, I always carry the bigger one.


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