Saturday, May 02, 2009

Acres of sand, miles of sky

White Rock Beach, sun, low tide, and Sunday:

(sorry, KompoStella: couldn't resist. Close your eyes, maybe?)

Catching crabs

White houses in the sun

Light on the mountain

Pink and yellow town

Big sky

End of a perfect afternoon.

Linked to Skywatch


  1. I love that pink and yellow town picture!

  2. Me too! The reflection is lovely. Love the tree too.

  3. Yes, that reflection photo is magical!

  4. I too love the pink town reflection. But all of the shots are wonderful. I invite you to come see our night sky Star Party. - Margy

  5. Maille, Gennasus, and Linda,
    Thanks! And welcome to my blog! I hope you drop in again.

    I read that blog post. Great idea! I would have loved to drop in, in "real life".


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