Friday, November 14, 2008

Discouraging realization

I will never, ever catch up. Not with housework, not with projects, not with blogging. Never. No matter how I work at it.

The days are too full of good things to do, to see, to share.

Like this. Bee mimic on thistle.

The "To be Uploaded" file on my hard drive stretches back to last June.

My Inbox (paper) is overflowing. The urgent stuff is somewhere on the bottom.

Poor Polly!

We've been antiquing, and I've come home with stuff that just begs to be researched. And photographed. But not tomorrow.

The Strathcona Culture Crawl is coming up in a week or so. We will come home with another 200 photos, I'm sure.

Strathcona, reflected in a car window. Not the Crawl, yet.

I have to make or buy Christmas presents. Many, many Christmas presents; my family keeps extending itself, drawing in more amazing people by the day, it seems.

And so it goes. I will never, ever, ever catch up.

And if that is a grumble, it's a happy grumble; life is good, too good.

Laurie, finding something interesting at Kwomais Point.

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  1. Ah catching up?! I look behind me at the office ... ugh. The house needs cleaning, sewing projects pile up. But when a walk presents itself ... well the office ... and the house ... and the yard ... and the sewing ... can all wait. Then there are more pictures and movie clips to deal with ... more projects. Oh me oh my ... but another explore comes my way ... can't turn that down ... no way. ... oh yes, I know your dilemma all too well!


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