Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stopping on the bridge

Crossing back to the mainland from Westham Island, last week, we stopped at the bridge to look for waterfowl.

Looking East, upriver.

Another field of Snow Geese, and a family of Mallards.

Choppy water. One lonely seagull sits on a post.

On the mainland side of the river, there's a nice patch of reeds and grasses. And usually a fair collection of birds. This time, they were mallards and widgeons, and a heron. And these:

A pair of white geese, sleeping on a floating plank.

Or waking, to watch us. But keeping their bills warm.

And at the foot of the bridge, a pair of eagles watched us from their nest.

They had something up there; the one on the left bent over to deal with it a couple of times. Supper, probably.

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