Saturday, October 18, 2008

Serendipity strikes again

Finally! After days of sorting and deleting, sorting and deleting, editing and deleting, re-arranging and deleting, I've whittled our photos of the (freezing!) side trip on Westham Island to only 72.

We were looking for Snow Geese. But ...

On our route to Reifel Island Bird Sanctuary, we always slow down to look at the assemblages on the corner of the road to a veggie farm; they are always exhuberant, sometimes very funny. This time, Laurie wanted to take a photo:

Mister Pumpkin

I turned into the side road and let him out, then went to find a turn-around spot. Good thing the road is narrow and I had to drive to the end; otherwise, I would have missed Missus Pumpkin on her tractor.

Missus Pumpkin

The Snow Geese could wait; we'd found Westham Island Herb Farm.

(Although they grow and sell a lot more than herbs.)

We wandered down the driveway, saying, "Hello!" to a cheerful witch on the way.

Dressed to kill

There were pumpkins everywhere ...

Around an old Ford on the lawn

A Pumpkin Tree

In planters and wheelbarrow-loads

In old laundry sinks

On tables

On chairs and in an old wooden wheelbarrow,
and atop that signpost in the back,

... and by the fence and up a tree.

But that was only for starters; the circle tour, next post.

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