Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Photos through dirty windows

We still haven't replaced the car that was stolen a month ago; while the weather is decent, it won't hurt to walk a bit more, and use public transit for longer runs.

We had to go into Vancouver on Monday, which entailed several hours on a series of buses and the SkyTrain. I entertained myself (and probably some of the other passengers) by taking photos through the windows. Here are a few of the least blurry:

Tipsy. No wonder: I was holding my the camera above my head on a swaying bus. A fragment of Delta, and blue sky above.

The Fraser River, from the SkyTrain bridge, looking west.

Apartment buildings, somewhere in Burnaby. The train is entering a station, so the track is fenced.

Rooftops, and beyond, on the other side of the river, Burns Bog. Looking southwest.

Somewhere in Burnaby, looking south.

A freight train parking lot. New Westminster.

The Port Mann Bridge, from the SkyTrain Bridge. New Westminster-Surrey. Looking east.

The first support of the Alex Fraser bridge, from the Scott Road Station, looking west.

Almost home again: window of a supermarket, Delta.

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