Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sanctuary? Sorry!

This moth flew in my open door this evening.

He perched on my wall, high up near the ceiling. I climbed on the desk and took his portrait.

Note: there is a bit of damage on the wing, and one antenna is truncated. He's survived an attack, maybe. Some bird missed the meal he was hoping for.

I captured him with a recycled plastic tub, and put a sheet of glass over the open top.

The old plastic makes for a misty atmosphere.

I tried putting the light behind him.

Sort of an X-ray effect. I love the detail on these wings; if you click on the photo, you can appreciate the fringe of feathers along the scalloped bottom edge.

No, he's not flying. I took this through the glass, looking down at him perched on the wall of the container. His reflection is bigger than he is because of the curve of the tub wall.

And then I took him to the door and released him into the big, dark, dangerous world out there. Sorry, fella.


  1. Interesting pics. The last one with the shadow is neat. I would never think to capture them and photograph them through the plastic/glass ... though I see you've used this method before.

  2. This was a fun post.

    So many good blogs,
    so little time.

    Alaska Sunday is posted.
    Come visit,
    Troy and Martha


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