Sunday, September 02, 2007

Odds and Ends and a Trial Run

Links, first;

Can't keep your lawn watered? Paint it! From A Blog around the Clock. (Sheesh!)

More on those Texan social spiders, and an excellent photo, from Zooillogix.

And from the same blog, good news: that extinct white dolphin is not quite gone yet. One has turned up, alive.

A third from Zooillogix: too good to miss. The fish with a metal detector chin.

And more strange beasts: on MilkRiverBlog, a fascinating National Geographic article about cave-dwelling animals, or troglodytes.

Not so strange, but fun: a Flickr group dedicated to Insect Porn.

The Friday Ark, #154; animal stories galore!

And the Circus of the Spineless for the last week in August is on Naturalist Notebook; great stuff, and a beautiful newly-designed blog.

And today is International Rock Flipping Day. Get out there and start flipping!

These rocks look interesting enough. As long as we're wearing good mud-proof boots.

And the Trial Run. Blogger has stuck in an icon for loading videos, so I thought I'd try it out. Here's a short clip from yesterday's picnic at Second Beach in Stanley Park; a few of my grandkids and a swing.

I am still trying to make sense of the instructions for taking videos on my camera; I can't seem to tell whether it is on or off. So this is a trial run in more ways than one. However, I thought it might bring a smile.

Fingers crossed ...


  1. I like your video clip. Makes me wish I had some little ones to take to the playground. Will have to try the new blogger feature myself.

  2. Ruth,

    I don't get the chance all that often any more, either. It takes some doing to get them all together in one place these days.

    If you're trying out the option, be patient. It took forever and a smidgen more to upload that short video; I don't know whether it was my ISP or Blogger that was slow. But at least it worked for me on the first try.


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