Saturday, February 03, 2007

Good Planets, February 3rd edition

Welcome to "Good Planets are Hard to Find" for February 3, 2007.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water. The four elements, according to the ancients. "They represent in Greek philosophy, science, and medicine the realms of the cosmos wherein all things exist and whereof all things consist." (Wikipedia)

And four Saturdays in February; I will concentrate on each of these "elements" in turn, starting today with water, in all its myriad forms.

I have company: Bev, at Burning Silo wrote her post yesterday on the same topic. See "Clear Water". Did you know that yesterday was World Wetlands Day? Nor did I.

Enough rambling: on to the photos!

Water as fog and clouds.

From Liza Lee Miller, at The Egret's Nest, who writes, "Sunrise over the San Lorenzo Valley. Another of the reasons why I think I live in the most beautiful place on earth. Of course, in this picture, my home is deep within the fog!"

Flowing water, tamed.

From Donna, tidy domesticity:
"Taken in a small town just north of Amsterdam, Netherlands. We were walking past this cottage, and I saw the little boat tied up, and the neatly arranged pots and shoes."

Hard and soft:

From SB Gypsy, an edge of ice over dark water.

Windmill in the snow. Sent by Kevin Whary at Seton Hall University

Laura in NJ sends a photo of a small cove on the Navesink River in NJ. She writes:
"I went there hoping to see some winter ducks. There weren't many, but the river was very serene."

And not so serene: very high tide at White Rock, BC. The rollers were pounding at the old piles of dead seaweeds and shells, turning themselves brown in the process.

Home and food source:

A kingfisher, from Robin Andrea at DharmaBums, caught along Chimacum Creek. She writes, "This kingfisher spent much of its time flying low above the water, rising high and then diving. We never did see it catch anything, but it's likely that it did.."

From Maggie in Florida, at Banter, Bone and Breath, a soft-shelled turtle.

Cattails. Taken by Dawn Bailey at Nisqually NWR last year.

From SBGypsy, this evocative photo "taken at Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts (a colonial village complete with docents dressed up with
period outfits)".

And from New Westminster Quay, the Fraser River looking like molten silver.

To all who sent photos: thank you! Next week, I'll zero in on the next ancient "element"; "Earth". (Although I am not averse to more water pics, of course.) You can e-mail your photos to me, susannah at dccnet dot com, or send them to the Blog Carnival, using the carnival submission form.

(And I am having fun! Such beautiful photos I get to look over, sort, gloat over! What a good planet this is!)


  1. Thank you, Wanderin Weeta! These are spectacular. Great job!

  2. The theme of Water worked out very well - what a terrific group of photos. Viewing them was such a nice way to begin my day. Thanks, everyone.

  3. What a great way to organize these photos-- by elements. A grand idea. All very beautiful too. Lovely, Susannah.

  4. Fantastic edition! Really loved those photos! We really do have a great planet!

  5. Anonymous9:32 am

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  6. Anonymous9:33 am

    Thank you for hosting good planets this month!

    I love all the water pictures!

    Great photo of the male belted kingfisher Robin, the female wears the pretty red belt.


  7. Thanks, all. They are your photos!

    BTW, the deleted comment was a duplicate. I changed my mind after I hit the Delete button, and found out that I can't undo it. Sorry, Dawn.

  8. I am looking forward to seeing how you represent all the elements! Very nicely done today. Water is something we cannot take for granted.

  9. Ruth;

    "I am looking forward to seeing how you represent all the elements!"

    So am I, actually. Because the photos come from you guys "out there", I'm wondering how pre-selecting a topic will influence your choices of photos to send.

    I'm just the format person, this month.

  10. You did such a fabulous job hosting. Such amazing photos, I can't even pick my favorite. Bird does Mohawk however ranks high. Thanks.

  11. Beautiful pics! I like the idea of grouping them according to the elements - look forward to seeing what we come up with for *earth* next week.

    Great job - thanks!

  12. So much for the New Jersey jokes. What a lovely photo of the Navesink River!

  13. Anonymous10:52 am

    Wanderin' Weeta said...
    Thanks, all. They are your photos!

    BTW, the deleted comment was a duplicate. I changed my mind after I hit the Delete button, and found out that I can't undo it. Sorry, Dawn.
    no problem WW! I posted twice by accident.


  14. Thanks for hosting this month, I know it's a lot of time and energy.. and what a crop of great pics this week! I'll be looking thru my archives.


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