Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Green cladonia

On the fence of the path leading to Boundary Bay beach:

One of the pixie cup Cladonias, and a blue-green leaf lichen just getting started.

"Leaves", cups and tubes, with brown fruiting bodies on the rims.

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Fred Schueler said...

the real triumph is finding Cladonia growing on foam rubber - we found a foam mattress covered with Cladonia once at Reeve Craig, near the Rideau River, and have set out slabs of an old foam mattress in places around our land to see what the colonization rate may be. After fiver years it's zero.

biobabbler said...


Powell River Books said...

We have something similar growing on the log at the entrance to our water lot. - Margy

Susannah Anderson said...

Fred, I wonder how old the foam mattress with Cladonia was. Are there different formulas for the foam?