Thursday, May 03, 2012

Green leaves, yellow bird

The sun finally condescended to emerge from behind its wall of clouds. The wind died down. The birds began to sing. I went out, camera in hand, to finish the spring inventory of the garden.

Out on the lawn, the linden tree had, almost overnight, put out leaves. I looked for aphids; the tree last year was loaded with them, but they haven't appeared yet, this year. And I took a few photos; the leaves, still unfolding, and the tree overhead, against the blue sky.

Twig with lichen, fresh new leaves, and the pink leaf bud covers.

Still young, but growing fast.

It wasn't until I was sorting the photos later, when I zoomed in to check for sharpness, that I saw the bird.

Do you see it? Near the trunk, just below the mid-point.

It may be a goldfinch. Or a warbler; it's hard to tell. We haven't seen any yellow birds around here for years. As soon as I saw it in the photo, I dashed outside and scanned all the trees around; there was no sign of him/her.

Another view. I think the wings are darker, and there seems to be some black on the head.

Whatever it was, and even if it doesn't come back again, it made my day.

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Upupaepops said...

might be a western tanager.

longer bill

Susannah Anderson said...

Could be. If so, it's a female; no red head.