Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Do redwing blackbirds call it a tree break?

... Since they don't drink coffee?

Redwing blackbirds at Centennial Beach duckpond sit for a few minutes in the willows.

They've been working hard all day on their nesting site in the reeds. (She hauls building supplies; he sings. Division of labour.)

Another female, in the same tree.

Maybe this is her mate, keeping a lookout on the other side of the pond.

I just realized; it's 6 years ago today that I decided to start a blog. That was over on Delphi; I moved here 6 months later. It doesn't seem that long.

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Upupaepops said...

Congrats on your six years. AA deightful eye on the world around us

Larry said...

Happy bloggiversary!It's quite an accomplishment to keep up a blog for that long-well done!

Susannah Anderson said...

Thank you, Upupaepops and Larry!