Monday, April 30, 2012

Warm colours on a grey day

As I usually do when I go up the Fraser valley alone, I took the freeway. There's always a deadline to meet. But coming home, my time is my own, so I cut across farm country, following empty roads alternately south and west, never the same route twice, arriving finally at home sleepy but refreshed.

This afternoon, coming back from Chilliwack, I meandered down to the skirts of Vedder Mountain, then across Sumas Prairie. The sun was hidden behind thick clouds and there was an occasional spatter of rain; colours were muted and the hills hidden in the mists.

Last year's corn stubble and a hay field to the east. Taken through the car window, since it was raining at the moment.

Red paint peeling off an old barn, exposing older yellow underneath.

In Sumas Prairie, I found a field of tulips; a spot of colour in a grey and brown landscape.

Long rows and a full ditch.

The rain more or less held off until I got home. Now, in the middle of the night, it's pouring cats and dogs. And slugs. I just found one getting a drink in the bird bath.


  1. Your last photo reminds me of a rainbow stretching across the ground, albeit in red, yellow, green and a soft mud brown. Very pretty, indeed!

  2. Beautiful photos. Love the paint-peeling barn and the vibrant tulip colors against the gray background.

  3. I love the first capture - the hills and the clouds almost becoming one in the distance!!
    I love all the snails and snail eggs!!

  4. I just saw an exhibition of many of Van Gogh's landscape paintings, and I think your fields of flowers look just like those works. Neat shots.


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