Thursday, May 23, 2019

Sometimes I'm lazy.

Sometimes I just sit and look out the window. And there's nothing there; just sky. And the plants and bits of glass on my windowsill.

In the afternoon, when the sun is behind the house, my kitchen window stuff is silhouetted. The cats are metal, with glass eyes. Chia, the real cat, prefers to sit in the gap in the centre, in front of the glass elephant. I like the way the green lawn (where the sun still shines) is reflected on the ceiling above the window. Photo taken from my favourite chair, while I was being lazy.

And then I remember I haven't watered them today. So I do that; then there are the flowers outside that need water, and the dog that has a ball she needs thrown, and the car that ought to be washed after my last trip down a logging road, and ...

End of lazy spell.

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