Sunday, December 23, 2018

Christmas orchid

When I moved to Campbell River, three years ago, I bought a baby orchid; three stalks, a handful of leaves, a few inches tall. Now it's a foot and a half tall (45 cm.), has air roots and leaves sticking out in all directions. I've repotted it once.

And now, it has bloomed. In time for Christmas!

Better than a Christmas tree.

(I'm back. I got myself in over my head in things to do, but I've recovered my sanity now. I think.)

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  1. Orchids are so unlike most other potted plants that I have that my normal watering routines cause mine to shrivel up and die a long prolonged death, as the roots suffocate in the decorative peat moss that most tend to be bundled in. It was only after repotting in bark mulch that they're finally growing new leaves. Still waiting for mine to send out a flowering stalk, hopefully will be this year!


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