Wednesday, October 03, 2018


Fruit fly season is over. It's cold and rainy; the plums have fallen and rotted away, the late apples are still ripening. And the cross spiders that hung in the centres of their webs in every corner, feasting on red-eyed flies, have given up. Now they wander from ceilings to walls to cracks in the woodwork, hunting. I don't think they're finding much.

"Nothing here, either."

One hangs outside my kitchen window, out of the worst of the rain; her web glistens with tiny bubbles, but there are no struggling dinners. If she hangs in long enough, there may be moths.



  1. Hope that male finds the female, it's mating season! You can sometimes lure the wandering males into eating a crane fly or some other light frenetic insect, but they're generally fasting while they wander.

    1. He might be out of luck. The females have also disappeared. There's only the one outside my kitchen window; I've searched all the usual corners for more, and they've moved on.

  2. Life can be tough for spiders. - Margy


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