Sunday, January 07, 2018

Plain Jane

I have been kitten-sitting over the holiday season. One of Chia's babies, but not a baby any longer, has been making life interesting. Her new humans have named her "Jane", maybe in hopes of toning her personality down. Vain hopes.

Jane, the tigress, ready to pounce.

Score so far: Christmas decorations, 0, Jane umpteen; breakable collectibles, 0, Jane 4; small computer thingies, lost and found after several hours with a flashlight, 6; throw rugs, who's counting? recyclables, ditto. And she's claimed the most comfortable chair for her naps, exiling her mother to the second most comfortable, and leaving me with a stiff dining room chair or the stool at my desk. Thanks, Plain Jane!

But I'll be sorry to see her go. Sometimes I doubt my own sanity.


  1. It's odd. This is a fairly standard description of a cat . . . yet each cat is of a startlingly different character.

    1. Just like humans; each has her own personality and ideas.

  2. Sounds like she kept you mighty busy! When I had 4 cats at once, about 10 years ago, I woke up at 3AM during the Christmas season to a tremendous CRASH. I told my husband "I'm not even going out there - just throw out the tree and I'll sweep up in the morning." We ended up getting new plastic ornaments and tying the tree to the bookcase. I wish I had the entertainment of watching HOW the tree got crashed - that might have made up for the trouble....

  3. She's gone home now. The house is quiet. Chia is sleeping. Now I have a few items to repair, and a few that can't possibly be fixed. A broken mirror, a chipped candlestick, an onyx burro; maybe to be kept for the memories.


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