Tuesday, October 25, 2016


I'm still on the lookout for spiders for Arachtober.* I noticed this little one on my bathroom wall, just resting; there's nothing to catch and eat up there.

She is tiny, 2 or, at the most, 3 mm. long, fangs to spinnerets.

As soon as the flash went off, she woke up and turned to face the camera, head up, front legs waving. As I moved around, trying to get a closer shot, she kept turning with me, challenging me: "Bring it, big One-eye! I'm ready!"

In the staring contest, the camera won. After a half-dozen flashes, she gave up and turned to leave.

"What's the use? One-eye didn't look good to eat, anyhow!"

When I went back an hour later, she was gone, back to the cracks and crannies where baby sowbugs hide. There's good eating on a sowbug!

*12 days to go; 17 spider pics. I only have 11.

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