Thursday, August 25, 2016

A couple of posers

A harvestman came down the wall in front of my desk, and posed there, waiting until I noticed.

Legs and leggy shadows.

Zooming in. She* was very patient, sitting absolutely still while I tried to get all of her in focus.

*Arbitrary choice of pronoun. How do you tell a female harvestman (harvestperson?) from the male? It's difficult. The male has longer legs and a smaller body than the female, but that's hard to calculate, unless you have a pair side by side. And females have a long ovipositor at the back, but usually this is hidden in a sheath, and only extended when they're laying eggs.

Their relatives, spiders, are easier, with the male's "boxing gloves" always held ready for action.

Later, I was preparing the camera for a few shots testing different settings, when this fly dropped in to sit right in front of the lens. I didn't even have to pick up the camera.

A very shallow depth of field got his hair, but not the face in focus. But at least I got the colour of the eyes.

He was not as patient as the harvestman; when I moved the camera, he up and left.

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