Friday, June 12, 2015

Cozy home

In an underground parking garage at Deer Lake, a crow was just leaving when I parked. When I returned an hour later, he passed me again at the door, coming in this time. I grabbed the camera and went hunting for a nest.

Found it!

It's a good set-up; no wind, no rain, no squirrels, a solid base, and plenty of insulation to add to the nest itself. And good, non-rainy perches for her mate.

Keeping an eye on me.

I walked around and around, trying to get a good angle, always keeping one eye on that guarding crow; at the least sign of irritation, I was prepared to duck and run. But neither he nor his mate on the nest seemed perturbed. They knew I couldn't have climbed up to the nest.

Two beady eyes on me.

And now all they needed was some peace and quiet. I took my camera and came home.

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