Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Second chance

Heading for the beach, I saw a hummingbird in a lilac bush.  A flash of green, a blur, and it was gone. Good enough; I was happy; I don't see these often.

Coming back from the beach, there it was again. And I had my camera turned on. Another flash of green, another blur, and I couldn't see it any more. But the camera caught it!

A flash of green

A blur

Made my day!


  1. Sometimes we get lucky with our shots. The angle of the wings in the first shot was quite unusual. - Margy

  2. In that first photo, the hummingbird almost looks like a fish with wings. My eyes couldn't capture that; all I saw was colour and movement.

    I was lucky to still have the camera in my hands and turned on.


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