Sunday, May 24, 2015

Contributing to the delinquency of yellow jackets

Every time I've opened a door or window, these last few days, a yellow-jacket races in. I get the handy fly swatter, and shoo him out.  Next thing I know, he's back inside again.

I think it's the same one, every time, because ...


The first time he came in, I found him half-drowned in the aquarium, and put him on a paper towel to dry off. To keep him occupied, I gave him a generous pinch of sugar. On second thoughts, I added a blackberry drupelet, leaking juice. Healthier, more "natural", instead of empty calories; he would like that, I thought.

No, he said, the sugar is fine. He ate and ate, turning this way and that, not wanting to miss any. Several times, he walked over the blackberry seed, ignoring it, hurrying to get to the sugar beyond.

I put a glass over him and carried him outside.  He flew a few feet away when I took the glass off, then returned to the sugary paper towel. I left him to it.

Now he's addicted.

More! More! More!

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