Monday, February 16, 2015

Mr. (or Mrs.) T.

The first plume moth of the season was waiting for me by the door when I came home this afternoon.

Morning glory plume moth, Emmelina monodactyla

I have found these around here before, and had tentatively identified them as the Morning glory* moth. Tonight, looking again at the samples on BugGuide, I found a helpful annotated photo, which more or less confirms the id.

The markings pointed out on the photo are:

  • the curved wing tips. Check.
  • Three dots along the centre back of the abdomen. Check.
  • A dot near the centre of the wing. I think I see them, although I'm looking at it from below, so I'm not really sure.
Next time, I'll know what to look for.

The caterpillars of these moths feed on Convovulvus species, including our pestiferous bindweed. But one of my neighbours planted Morning glories last summer: I'll check her plants for the caterpillars later on.


  1. OMG - I live in South Florida and would LOVE to have these moths. I have been trying to keep a morning glory vine under control for the last 12 years (since I moved into this house). In spite of Round Up, which I used once in spite of my hatred for the stuff (only my hatred of the morning glory vine was greater), it still survives. Since there is no freeze here - morning glory vine is eternal. It covers and smothers everything else, if allowed.

  2. someone intentionally planted Morning Glory

    insert head banging icon


    have not yet seen these moths, but yesterday , flies were basking by the hundreds

  3. Great camouflage. At first I thought it was a stick. - Margy


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