Friday, January 30, 2015

They call it the "Garden Walk"

Along one of the passages from building to building in the hospital complex, they've put a few planters against a wall in an outdoor space, some comfortable chairs just inside the window, and behind it all, fake windows with bright birds and flowers. I spend too much time there, but there's always a little camera in my bag...

Bare tree, green leaves, and strange shadows after sunset.

The planters, shadows, and a reflection of fantastic flowers.

There are more hospital photos of the "going stir crazy" variety, in a Facebook album, here.


  1. Been thinking of you and Laurie. Hope all is going well for both of you. - Margy

  2. Thanks, Margy. Laurie's doing better now that he's beginning to get some nourishment. And I'm falling asleep every time I sit down for a minute. But I'm fine, otherwise. :)

  3. Sorry to hear of Laurie's health issues and hope he back on the beach trail with camera in hand very soon!


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