Thursday, September 18, 2014

IRFD update: lizard, fossil, more!

Here are another seven happy Rock Flippers, who posted on Twitter at #rockflip:

Michael ‏@akmrbaldwin
Happy Int'l Rock Flipping Day from Alaska - a carabid beetle! #rockflip #IAmANaturalist

Lobo GuarĂ¡ ‏@juandoso
Hidden treasures!

Rebecca Zarazan Dunn ‏@rebeccazdunn
Happy International Rock Flipping Day

Janet K C ‏@jkricketc
Just the usual dinosaur AKA Western fence lizard.

Jesse Calhoun Bethea ‏@jesscalhoun
Adventuring in Glen Echo Ravine for #rockflip day.
Melissa found a fossil.

Catherine Scott ‏@Cataranea
Happy international rock flipping day! Perhaps you might find a beautiful spider! [photo by @Ibycter]

Laura ‏@lkwagonlander
September 14, 2014
(This has a Rock-flipping kid.)

A couple of others also posted their photos on Twitter, but they had also added them to the Flickr pool, so they're on the first list, which I'll repost here:

Over in the International Rock Flipping Day Flickr group, many more interesting things have been discovered:

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