Sunday, August 10, 2014

Brief encounter

I took the car in for maintenance yesterday. In the waiting room, there's a big fish tank, and I always spend some time watching them. Each time, there's a new mix of fish, all different, all exotics. I don't know if they're changed regularly for variety, or if they just don't survive; a glass tank with plastic vegetation and rocks and no other life is a far cry from their native environment.

It must be boring, too, for them. Round the black central tower, up to the top, down two feet to the bottom, around the tower again . . . same view every time, same lifeless water.

Some of them take an interest in me, close to the glass, and in my camera, even closer. This one was more than usually curious.

Puckered up

I, at least, get to go home when the car's done.


  1. Ever since I first encountered a tank full of that particular type of fish (I forget what it's proper name is, though I think it's a type of cichlid), I've always thought of it as the 'Winston Churchill fish'. Because when you look at it face on, with those puffy cheeks, it bears a remarkable resemblance to Winston Churchill.

  2. *goes to look at photos of Churchill*

    I see what you mean!

  3. Blood parrots are a hybrid of two separate cichlid species (red devil and severum). Maybe Churchill had similar parentage?


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