Monday, July 28, 2014

Sufficient unto the day ...

... is the weevil thereof.*

Wally Weevil

The weevil philosophy of life includes the maxim, "If you don't move a hair, they'll think you're not there." I had to drape myself over the compost bin, leaning at a precarious angle against the wall, making all kinds of sudden moves as the rotating compost bin cranked around, to get this photo. Wally Weevil, true to his principles, never even twitched an antenna.

As far as I know, he's there still.

*Yes, I know; that's not how it goes.


  1. Hee. I love it. Many times I've been in similar contortions, and AFTER I depress the shutter I exhale which then makes me realize I stopped breathing to steady the camera. =) Weirdly risky.

    One of my favorite twitter icons belongs to Dave Jones (@Jones_1985). It shows him laying on the ground, side of face & camera basically in the dirt to get a shot of a bug. I love it. =) You're getting it done! =)

    Love weevils. Find them so appealing. The humble bug.

  2. They are quite the critters.

  3. My weevil turned out to be a Willow Borer (Cryptorhynchus lapathi)


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