Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Gift wrapped

I found this on my doorstep a few mornings ago*:

Hairy cocoon.

I don't know what made this. It's 2 cm. long, sort of egg-shaped, and soft to the touch. The spiky hairs sticking straight through the covering look as if they belong to a woolly bear caterpillar. The whole thing was fastened to the rag rug underneath, glued or interwoven.

I have it in a container with a perforated lid, and I'm keeping a watch on it to see what emerges.

*A favourite cat used to leave me a line-up of mouse tails. I prefer this sort of "gift".

(Note: I'm still here, just extremely busy. And tired. Blogging will be catch-as-catch-can for the rest of this week.)

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