Friday, April 18, 2014

Another fat-bellied spider

Laurie brought me another spider. He's getting good at catching them.

She looks like another Steatoda*, but the pattern on her back is different than the previous dark brown ones.

I have her in a jar with some moss for tying down her web, and a few woodbugs, since those are some Steatoda's favourite lunch, but she has been ignoring them. I sprayed the jar with water, to keep the woodbugs alive and active, so she's all wet. And not happy about it.

Hanging belly up, in her normal position.

Another one for BugGuide. And I'm getting behind; now I have three critters lined up to be sent in, and I've been too busy to settle down and get them done.

UPDATE: BugGuide identifies it as Pimoa altioculata. She's a night hunter.

*Steatoda grossa, Steatoda bipunctata.

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