Monday, March 03, 2014

Bed of thorns

Another day of snow with rain for a chaser. Another day of sifting through old photos; my neck is sore, but the computer's happy.

I found these photos of a pair of weevils in the thistles beside the White Rock beach. I had intended to crop and post them in June of 2011, but procrastination won the day, and they were filed unexamined. Today they were a nice reminder of hotter, drier weather.

Wicked-looking spines. I didn't dare move in closer.

The weevil is a lighter colour than the ones I see around the house. They're mostly dark brown, sometimes almost black. This one has brown stripes, but a definite yellow tinge. And a pale yellow fringe around the tail end of his elytra.

And he had a mate waiting for him under the shade of the thistle head.

Two weevils

The male holds his mate by the shoulders and sides. Prickles be damned! This is true love!

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