Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Unlucky spider

I always (for certain values of "always") shake out my garden shoes before I put them on, in case of spiders. Today, I didn't. And something tickled my insole. Oops!

I kicked off the shoe and a crumpled spider fell out, still twitching.

This girl:

Big spider, on a happier occasion.

I'd met her three days earlier, hunting on the bathroom wall, took her photo and let her go about her business. Should have warned her about shoes!


  1. We had some mice come to visit while we were away from the cabin. We've been so lucky over the years. We know there are lots outdoors on the deck, but a mouse indoors is a rare occurrence. They had a week of free run of the house. We thought we had cleaned up all of their calling cards until Wayne went to put on his boots. His toes wouldn't fit, they had chewed their way into the cat's dry food bag upstairs and stored the booty downstairs in the boot. Got to admire their industriousness, even if you don't like their bathroom habits. - Margy

  2. I wonder what the mice were thinking?


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