Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hangin' in there

I'm back; bruised and sore, missing a small chunk of jawbone, but I'm beginning to think I'll recover. Thanks for your good thoughts!

I found this spider last week, smack dab in the middle of the trail through the bush behind Cougar Creek. Luckily, the sun caught the web just right; I saw her first, and she didn't catch me.

Waiting, just at face height.

Zooming in, nose to nosefangs

I find it amazing that she can make sense of that tangle of lines, some dotted with glue, some stretching out to the salmonberry bushes on either side to support the web, some to stand on, at least one always held in a back foot to alert her to a catch, and a bunch of loose threads and knots. (I wonder what's the purpose for these.)


  1. was this an encounter with s Cougar or a dentist?

  2. :) An endodontist. Drastic measures to deal with an old root canal turned to crime.

  3. Hope you're better! Love the photo!

  4. When they give us those root canals ... they don't tell us the whole story!!!!

  5. Thanks, Jennifer. Yes, I'm better. A bit of pain, a bit of bruising, but the worst is over.

    Eileen, That particular root canal has been redone three times, plus this last surgery. I never imagined it could be so much trouble.


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