Sunday, November 24, 2013

An opportunity lost.

I made a quick trip to Victoria, for a birthday party. We were early, so we stopped for supper beside the Inner Harbour, and afterwards walked to the Parliament Buildings and back. It was chilly, but that just makes the lights shine brighter.

Parliament Buildings, Victoria

The blue lighting on the water behind the boats is the old Undersea Gardens, an underwater aquarium that allowed visitors to view marine life in situ. I was disappointed to read later, that it is now closed, after almost 50 years of operation. I always meant to visit, and never got around to it. My mistake.


  1. The lights on the Parliament Building are quite beautiful. Such a lovely image.

  2. Great pic! Too bad about the aquarium. Be Mither says ... do everything you can while you can ... some things D and I put off because we thought we had lots of time!!


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