Monday, September 09, 2013

Watch them grow

Even though it has started to rain occasionally, the raccoon kits still visit my basin of clean water. Although whether the purity of the water matters to them is doubtful.

Now they're big enough to tip over the basin and drink the water off the ground.

They are still too small to reach the bird bath. (Notice the wet paw print on the side of the clay pots that form the bath*.)

For comparison, here they are a while ago:

July 5th, still being led about by an anxious mother. One of four kits.

Three of the four out on their own, July 20th. The basin comes to the top of their front legs.

Now, almost six weeks later, the basin top is below their knees. They've stretched out; their noses are longer and less pointy.

*The bird bath is made of two large clay pots, bottom to bottom, held together by a stick through the holes in the base, and weighted with half a pot of rocks, to keep the raccoons from tipping it over. A clay pot tray makes the bath itself.


  1. Oh, look at those rascals! How lovely to have them in your garden. But I imagine they're as entertaining and as trouble-making as our possums.

  2. They're as curious as cats. So every time they show up they investigate something different: turn over plant pots, drag out leaf bags, knock over plant stakes, muddy up the watering can. So far, they haven't hauled away my gardening shoes. No real loss if they do, so I don't bring them in.


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