Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Yellow jacket. Well, a yellow-striped black body suit, anyhow.

Every time, almost, that I look at the bird bath these days, it has a wasp at the edge, getting a drink. Most are yellow-striped, like this one.

Either Dolichovespula arenaria, or Vespula pensylvanica. A yellowjacket, anyhow. Not on my birdbath; that's a blackberry blossom.

But yesterday, I noticed an almost black wasp, with a touch of blue striping. And then there are the orange ones that speed away as soon as I come near. And the little sand wasps that stung me last year. And the tiny ones that look like yellow fruit flies. And the black ones with a red belly.

All those live within a few feet of my door. And probably more that I haven't noticed yet.

Skunks and raccoons by night; wasps and chickadees and house finches by day. That's a busy birdbath. I'll have to start stalking it with the camera. (The bird cam doesn't notice cold-blooded insects; not in its contract, it claims. Lazy watchdog!)

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