Thursday, August 08, 2013

Jokey spiders

The cross spiders (not cross at all; I think they giggle a lot), have been missing this summer so far, but this week they've turned up, and are happily making their humans dance. They've been building their webs just at face height over walk ways, across back decks, and in front of doors, never in the same place twice. As I said, they giggle. Every time I get a face full of web, I'm sure of it.

This one built a little too high for me, and it caught the sunlight just before Laurie walked into it.

The strands of silk function like prisms, separating the sunlight into rainbow colours.

Well, that was a waste! says Spidey. So she took down that web, and rebuilt it under my tree. And yes, I got a mouthful of web. Again.


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