Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sugar cube spider

A wasp dropped in to visit, and I wanted to take his photo. He wasn't co-operative, though; he kept running away. So I moistened a sugar cube and put it down in front of him to attract his attention, and get him to stand still.

I stumbled, and dropped the cube on his nose, which put an end to the photo session. The wasp hid under the door sill.

Running wasp.

Not to waste my damp sugar cube, I put it on a shelf outside, to see what other insects might be attracted to it. A moth, perhaps?

Later, when I looked, someone else had come up with the same idea; a spider was laying in wait on that sugar cube.

Sugar cube spider

Zooming in, while she waited on the shady side of the cube.

Great minds think alike, they say.

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