Sunday, January 27, 2013

Name this thingie

It took me a while to figure out just what Laurie had taken a photo of. And he sees faces in it that I can't.

What do you see?

Snail with a chimney? Sheepdog house?

Over on Fertanish Chatter, Bill has been posting photos of tree bark, asking the same question. He's on #9 already; this one's easy, some of the others, not so.


  1. Maybe I am too literal - all I see is driftwood...

  2. At first I was like Judy, saw a big knotted piece of wood (which I then figure out was a log), then saw a mustache which then apparently belonged to a sheepdog. When I read what you wrote re: snail, saw that, too. But, that's where it ends. =) It's a very good sheepdog....

  3. Oh, I like the sheepdog. It looks like my sister's bearded collie.

    But, having 4 kids, what I saw was sideways: a very very pregnant belly with a huge outie of a belly button.

  4. I thought it was a sagittal section of a horse's hoof, with part of the leg still attached. I guess I'm still trained from my animal anatomy labs.

  5. If I turn my head sideways, I can pretend there is a head of an eagle. There is a little heart there which would have made a lovely eye had it been moved up a fraction. And that's it for me.

  6. Anonymous9:34 pm

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  7. Sara and Unknown;
    Yes, it does have an anatomical look to it. I saw, from the first, a cross-section of a female breast, not so young, droopy.

    Eileen; I missed that heart!

    Laurie sees the sparrow's head; sometimes I think I see it, then it disappears.

    I think, in RL, it's a branch ripped off a tree, showing the grain of the wood, then cut along the end.


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