Thursday, October 18, 2012

While I was on the beach

... taking photos of floating maple leaves, Laurie looked at our maples at home.

Blogging may be light for a couple of days, while I work on a long-planned, and always postponed post.

(There! Now I've committed myself to finishing, I'll actually get it done.)


  1. Lovely shots! Good luck on your power post. =) I went the opposite route today. Wordless, woo-hoo! Looking forward to your words.

  2. As a person who responds well to deadlines, and doesn't respond at all, necessarily, without them, I'll going to be checking in to see if that long-postponed post arrives. Because...

    ...I noticed you didn't exactly give yourself a deadline. Maybe you scare yourself easier?

  3. Murr, I guess I left myself an "out", didn't I? Usually a public commitment works, but yes, a public deadline works better.

    Make that Monday at the latest.

    So I'll get back to work now. I've been puttering tonight; I get all kinds of unrelated stuff done when I'm procrastinating.


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