Sunday, September 09, 2012

Just a reminder - IRFD

The first International Rock Flipping Day posts and photos are coming in already.

Have you flipped your rock  yet?


  1. Okay, I have done up a post. Here is the link. I haven't figured Flickr out yet, so how do I link?

  2. Thanks, Judy. Got it.

    To add a link to your blog post, copy (select, right click, "copy") the address of the page you want. On your blog post (in edit mode) click Link, in the tools menu. Paste the link you've saved. (With the cursor at the beginning of the blank, right click, then Paste. Click OK. You're done.

    To add a photo to the Flickr group, go to the group page, look for "Add photo". Click this and follow the directions.

  3. Mine are on the Flickr page. A salt water critter for you, Susannah.

  4. I'm so excited - I finally remembered IRFD!!!

    My post is here:

  5. Clytie, Trust you to find a heart! :)

    Glad you remembered.

  6. Flipped a few of mine, then my photo program flipped out. Managed to get some posted though.

  7. Hi,

    Thanks for hosting this. I did a blog post about IRFD at

    Hope you all had a good IRFD day. Iwill check out the Flickr page.

  8. Anonymous10:26 am

    I posted my IRFD 2012 experience on my blog. Cheers!

  9. Poikiloblastic; Hi! First time I've seen Rock flipping day categorized as geology. You're correct, though; it's at the intersection between geo and bio, isn't it?

  10. Anonymous1:58 pm

    Indeed, I'd have gone into more detail about the rock if I had a real rock to flip! Sometimes the rocks can be as interesting as what's underneath. It was a fun and simple activity, I'm glad I stumbled across it in time to participate.

  11. Thanks for a good excuse to go flip a rock and post about it.

  12. Anonymous5:51 am

    Don't have a blog, but found 4 interesting items under rocks today:

    It was a lot of fun!

  13. Got them, Sara. Thank you.


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