Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Overenthusiastic spam filter

I just realized that my spam filter has been collecting legitimate comments on my posts. I don't know why; it hasn't done this before. I've been checking the spam about once a month, and this is new. If one of your comments has gone missing, I'm sorry; I restored all I could find.

I'll be checking spam daily from now on.


  1. Similar thing happened to me recently. They seem to have changed... something.

  2. Happened to me too. Enjoyed many many of your recent posts - especially the bug / critter postings. Always look if not commenting.


If your comment is on a post older than a week, it will be held for moderation. Sorry about that, but spammers seem to love old posts!

Also, I have word verification on, because I found out that not only do I get spam without it, but it gets passed on to anyone commenting in that thread. Not cool!