Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wordless, or thereabouts

"Sunflower seeds!"

"Love these! Thanks!"


  1. I've never seen a squirrel with black fur before. Such a pretty animal!

  2. I had forgot you have those Black squirrels

  3. I have never in my life seen a black furred squirrel before either!

    What a gorgeous little critter!!!

  4. I am guessing it's a melanistic Eastern Gray Squirrel. Are they common in southern B.C.? Amazing shots.

  5. Well, I am surprised, too! I've just taken these squirrels for granted; I never considered that they might be new to some other people, even among those who live on our side of the continent.

    Yes, Dave, they are fairly common.

    They are feisty little squirrels; our blacks chase away the big grey ones any time they find them "intruding" on their watering hole, especially in breeding season.

  6. I have also not ever seen a black-furred squirrel. Quite an interesting looking little critter.

  7. We have black squirrels around the hospital in Bellingham. I've seen them but never had a camera handy to get a shot. - Margy


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