Saturday, April 28, 2012

Very Annoyed Spider

I bought a new set of shelves for my garden supplies, and dumped the old, rusty cart that I've been using for years. First, though, I took it apart to make it fit in the garbage container. Halfway through the process, I discovered an unhappy spider in a corner of the underside.

When I first saw him, he was already in this defensive position, with most of his knees pulled tightly together to make a tent over his cephalothorax (head/chest unit).

A few seconds later, he is changing position, raising the first set of legs, pointing the tips up at me.

A definite threat position. "I'm gonna get you!"

I couldn't blame him; I had exposed his hideaway to the light, vibrated it repeatedly as I removed screws with the electric drill, then flipped it upside-down. And worse was to come; rather than trash him with the old metal, I brushed him out with an eagle feather, then herded him away from my working area. On the run, he kept stopping to challenge the feather.

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